Our Programs

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

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Jr./Sr. Kg

Jr. Kg  Age : 4 yrs to 5 yrs   Time : 3 Hours   9.00 am to 12.00 noon

Sr. Kg  Age : 5 yrs to 6 yrs  Time: 3 Hours   9.00 am to 12.00 noon

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Playgroup & Nursery

Playgroup  Age : 1.8 yrs to 3 yrs   Time : 2 Hours

Nursery  Age : 3 yrs to 4 yrs  Time: 2 Hours

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Summer Camp

Time : 10:00 am 12:00 noon Date : 16th to 30th April, 2018 Age Group: 3 yrs. & above    Read More

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Library for Kids

Check books at our library for a cozy storytime at home.

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Bharat Natyam

Nupur Dance Academy
Day & Time : Wednesday & Sunday
(7.00 pm to 8.30 pm)   

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Nrutyanand Kathak Dance Academy
Age : 6 yrs above
Day & Time: Thursday & Friday (5.30 pm- 7.30 pm)

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Bollywood Dance class

Attraction Dance Company
Age : 4 yrs and above
Day & Time: Tuesday : 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Sunday : 10.30 am to 12.30 am
Read More

Why Us

Vision : To build a strong sense of Child's own second home where they can imagine, explore & learn.

Mission : Playful education with innovative ways.

Fully integrated curriculum with Exercises, Yoga & Meditation.

Small class sizes and ideal student to teacher ratios.

Activities based on monthly academic units of study.

Children friendly environment & Creative play-way methods.

Celebrations (B’days/festivals).

Experienced, friendly faculty & Trained Maids (Ayas).

Parental Involvement.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Here is a list of common questions you may have regarding our preschool program. If your question is not here, please contact us.

How are tuition and fees determined?

Tuition Payment/Budget: Our tuition is set up by a budget, which is then divided into 9 monthly payments for your convenience. We continue to pay teacher salaries and rent (our two biggest expenses) whether your child is ill, on vacation, etc. Therefore, your tuition is due and payable in full on the first of each month. Please notify us of any special situations that would affect your payment’s timeliness.

What should I do if my child cries when I leave?

Most children calm down in the first five minutes after their parent leaves. If you say your good-by to your child and would like a report from us just stay in your car or give us the number where we can reach you and we will be glad to report on your child’s behavior for the first few days. Anxiety also applies to children going through difficulties such as, but not limited to: nightmares, death in the family, divorce, illness, new baby, or simply a change in routine, etc. Please notify us of any changes in your child. All information is kept confidential.

What should my child wear?

Children should be dressed in comfortable, practical play clothes and dressed for the weather. We are proud of the unique outdoor park/farm surroundings on which Farm School is located. This is a farm. The children may get dirty. Please plan ahead for your child to be out in all sorts of weather (not severe). If your child is not dressed in appropriate clothing some will be ‘borrowed’ when and where possible. If none is available the teachers will have your child stay in with the director while the rest of the class goes out

Can my child bring a snack from home?

Yes! In fact, parents are asked to send a small snack and juice or water with their child daily. Snacks must be labeled with your child’s name and date as required by licensing policies. Due to the prevalence and severity of food allergies,as a precaution, we ask that parents do not send in snacks or treats containing peanut butter or any type of nut or nut products. We recommend that snacks be nutritious and non-perishable. Suggestions for healthy snacks and lunches from USDA guidelines include: fruits, small sandwiches, vegetables, muffins, and cereal. 100% fruit juice or water is the recommended drink.

How can I keep up with what’s going on with my child in class?

ou will receive a calendar of events each month for you to review. Back-to-School Nights are held in October to give parents a chance to hear about the classroom routine and talk with the teachers without the children present. Periodically, teachers will send home Teacher Comments’ discussing your child’s adjustment to and enjoyment of the classroom routine. Parent-teacher conferences are available upon request.

Should I stay to get my child settled when dropping them off?

For some children, this is their first separation from their parents. We understand that this is often a difficult experience for youngsters. It is important to let your child know you are leaving, but will come back for them after class. For the first few days you may want to stay 5 to 10 minutes in the car. We will be glad to check on your child’s progress. Your classroom teacher will let you know when your child feels comfortable with the new environment.

Winners of Interschool Competition

Won 2nd Runner up at Interschool Competition